Private Coaching with Ms. McBryde is available for actors preparing for an audition or role or for actors who need more concentrated work on their craft.  Private sessions are tailored to each actor's specific needs.  Each actor is expected to participate in the planning of their private sessions.     

Session focus can include:
Audition and Role Preparation
Character Development
Stretching Your Emotional Range
Creative and Strong Choices in Cold Readings
Monologue Preparation
Career Development
Preparation for a Self-Taped Audition
Overcoming Barriers to a Stronger Audition or Performance

Coaching sessions are conducted via Zoom or Skype.

Ms. McBryde is currently running a special on Groupon with greatly discounted rates.  If you are not a member of Groupon, please use this link to join.

Regular Rates for Private Coaching are on a sliding scale:
1 hour --   $160.00
2  hours - $300.00       $150.00 p/h
3 hours -  $420.00       $140.00 p/h
4 hours -  $500.00       $125.00 p/h
5 hours -  $550.00       $110.00 p/h
6 hours -  $600.00       $100.00 p/h

Please contact Kendall Robbins at regarding scheduling, invoicing and any questions you may have.  Former students, please contact Kendall as well for special rates you are entitled to.

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